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Reliable advice?

July 20, 2009

How can you trust reviews of computers? My (not very) trusty HP laptop is making ominous beeping sounds, similar to when the motherboard died when it was 13 months old. Went from working to not working in a flash. Decided to get a new computer, but it is incredibly difficult to find unbiased reviews, or even to compare like with like. Computing web sites talk about processor and graphics card specifications, but then the usual retailers seem to stock their own variations of the branded laptops.
I went into John Lewis yesterday, planning to get a price and buy what they recommended. No joy there – the salesman(?) told me I would be better off buying a Dell on-line, much better value than anything I could get from John Lewis. He would not talk about any of the computers in front of me, even though I would have bought one there and then. I’ve since spent the morning surfing the web, and have seen a cool looking laptop that isn’t too expensive. I’m now trying to psych myself up to visiting a computer warehouse, in the hope that the sales assistant will be able to provide me with at least some basic information, and they will have the computer I like in stock. Here goes….

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